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Сельское хозяйство и архитектура

Садовый перлит, Перлит сельского хозяйства, Перлитовый садоводческий

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Gardening pearlite is a kind of white granular material with a honeycomb structure inside made of perlite ore after preheating and instant high-temperature roasting and expansion. The principle is: perlite ore is broken to ore sand with certain granularity, which then is pre-prepared, roasted and rapidly heated (to over 1,000°C), moisture in ore is vaporized, and expands inside the vitric ore sand, forming a non-metallic mineral with a porous structure and volume expanded for 10-30 times.

Chinese Name: Gardening perlite

Alias: Large-grained expanded pearls

Diameter: 3-8 mm

Application Area

It can be widely used in greening projects such as urban greening, horticultural nursery, turf establishment, big tree transplanting, roof garden, underground parking lot, ecological road bridge, sunshine hall, courtyard pot planting, dynamic playground, and improvement of saline-alkali land. It is also suitable for soilless culture of high-grade flowers and pollution-free economic plants and is a good planting material for ecological horticulture.

Product Advantages

1. The effective water content is as high as 45%, so it can effectively shut off rainwater.

2. When the water is saturated, the weight is 450-600kg/m3 (usually about 1,800kg/m3), which effectively solves the load problem of the building structure.

3. 100% pure inorganic cultivation substrate, with stable physical and chemical indicators, and the plants can be cultivated for a long term without changing soil.

4. The permeability coefficient is 200mm/hr, which can effectively avoid the hazard of deposition.

5. Clean and odor-free, easy construction, and convenient maintenance.

6. The porosity of the product greatly promotes the growth and development of the plant’s imaginary root system, which has an excellent fixation effect on the tree and overcomes the destruction of the main root of the tree to the building structure.

Main Features

Lightweight, porous, thermal insulation, not flammable

Sound absorption, water resistant, non-toxic, and anti-corrosion

Application Principle

The role of horticultural perlite in horticulture is as follows: Loosen the internal structure of the matrix, maintain the normal exchange of water, gas, and fertilizer; 2. Reduce the bulk density, facilitate transportation and transplanting; 3. Maintain the matrix’s stable structure.

The use of the porous nature of perlite can facilitate the deepening of the roots of crops to the inside of the perlite matrix to absorb nutrients, and the pores of perlite can retain a large amount of water and nutrients to meet the growing needs of crops for a long time. In agricultural production, it can be directly used for the large-scale planting of crops on the land surface, and can also be used for planting flowers and plants in flower pots. At the same time, it also has played a due role in soil transformation, adjustment of soil compaction, prevention of crop lodging, and control of fertilizer efficiency and fertility. By use of the porous adsorption of perlite, it can also be used as a diluent and carrier of pesticides and herbicides in agriculture.

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